"A good plan is established in love and wisdom, thoughtful and considers the family, and will foster strong relationships and a bountiful surplus to bless."

Clifford is an Investment Specialist and a senior practice mentor at one of the largest independently-owned financial advisory in the region.  With over two decades of investment experience through major market cycles, he believes in empowering through financial education and helping clients invest to secure their financial future.  He has been invited to speak at government agencies and high-tech private companies.

He is also an innovative and accomplished entrepreneur.  Through pioneering work in the industry, he has developed deep insights in areas of Digital Media, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and FinTech.  This, coupled with the familiarity in investing across asset classes and global markets, gives him a keen eye to see investment opportunities especially in the technology and emergent industries.

Today, he helps individuals, including founders, employees, the self-employed and retirees, gain clarity of focus in the financial well-being of their families.  He believes that a good financial plan is established in love and wisdom, thoughtful and strengthens relationships.  It will also develop a bountiful surplus to bless others in need.

Clifford AEPP™ and Master Fund Adviser® graduated from NUS with a Master’s Degree in Knowledge Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) and holds certificates from Harvard Business School (Business Analytics and Economics) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (FinTech).  He is currently a Doctoral student with Aston Business School in the UK.

Being an involved father of four, his passion is in guiding families with challenges and responsibilities to achieve financial goals with clarity and confidence, providing for their loved ones with values beyond valuables.