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Property Trust Planning Services In Singapore

Have you heard of Affluenza? It is the sudden wealth syndrome that plagues our young heirs if we are not careful. There is no vaccine. Is your inheritance enriching or ruining your heirs? How do you pass down a lifetime of invaluable experiences, networks, and values to them? Are you building them up in life to make good financial and life decisions? (See:

The centerpiece of a good legacy plan is a trust instrument. But that is not what makes a meaningful and lasting legacy plan complete. You have come to the right place to know everything about trust planning in Singapore.

Lighthouse Legacy – Singapore’s Leading Trust Planner

Two-thirds of Singapore licensed trust companies are with the private banks and multi-national trustee firms. Many are more interested in asset management and/or structures. Only a handful of independent planners help the clients with understanding what they really need and put them into a letter of wishes. This is our mission – helping clients pass down their legacy in a lasting and effective manner. You can always rely upon our expertise for setting up property/business/insurance/CPF/multi-generational family or philanthropic trust in Singapore

Our team of consultants will set you up with all the things that you need for value-driven trust for your beloved family. We analyze your relationships with your family and organization before advising on trust planning in Singapore. We never cut any corners in the due diligence process. You will receive the most comprehensive guidance on how to go forward with your trust and estate planning process.


Trust Vs Will In Singapore – What’s the Difference?

Over the years, we have received this question so many times in our extensive talks What is the clear distinction between a trust and a will? Know the difference now so you can make an informed decision while securing your next generation’s future.

You can look at wills and trusts as estate planning instruments.

● In both scenarios, your kids and spouse would receive the intended assets, wealth and property.
● However, when you write a will, the beneficiaries will not receive any asset before your death.
● If you opt for trust services in Singapore, the beneficiaries can immediately receive the benefits.
● If you have written a will, your kids or the other beneficiaries may have to go through the probate court proceedings. However, with trust planning in Singapore, you do not have to worry about such things.
● Many people in Singapore prefer hiring a trusted consultancy company to bypass the probate process.

In general, you can name a trustee in your trust to administer all the wealth and assets included in your trust fund. These trustees are bound by fiduciary responsibility towards the betterment of the beneficiary named in the trust. Do you have the expertise of Singapore’s most prominent trust company? Then you have arrived at the right place!


Our Trust Services In Singapore

Lighthouse Legacy Planners, led by Derek Liang and his team of expert consultants, will help you carve out flawless and ideal estate planning. We have more than ten years of experience in assisting clients with trust planning and other services in Singapore. With more than 50 seminars, countless high profile clients, and excellent services, we are indeed the top trust company in Singapore.

Below, we have listed a few details about the trust services at Lighthouse Legacy Planners in Singapore. We urge you to read them and start your legal estate planning journey right away!

1. Trust Set-Up Services In Singapore
There are lots of different types of trust available to you. Our team will assess your total wealth and assets before advising you on the type of property trust to create in Singapore. You will have options to set up a revocable trust, irrevocable trust, asset protection trust, etc.

2. Designate Trustees & Beneficiaries
After setting up a trust, you need to decide who to designate as a trustee and beneficiaries to your trust fund. This decision is entirely up to you. The trustee will completely administer your trust and distribute wealth to the beneficiary as per the instructions outlined in the trust. We will also oversee the proper designation of beneficiaries in your trust.

3. Tax Advice
Trust planning entails various tax benefits to the parties involved in the trust. For example, the trustee would have to pay a tax upon the income received for his/her services against the trust. There will not be any direct taxation towards the beneficiary or the trust itself. However, if the beneficiary receives any benefits or income from the trust, then that amount shall be taxed as per the tax laws.

Talk to our trust planning consultants today to know more about tax on estate planning in Singapore! Call us today and book your appointment with Lighthouse Legacy right now!