Client’s Testimonials

Testimonial of The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton

My friend Derek Liang has written an excellent and much needed book. Parents today face challenges our grandparents never dreamed of. “Affluenza” is real – and kids who face that disease without the antibodies of strong values and good families are prone to lifetime infections.  Derek’s book provides guideposts for us as parents or grandparents to structure our inheritance planning to help ensure that our descendants develop the core values they need to steer their lives forward to success and service.”

– The Honorable Gregory W. Slayton, Chairman of Family First Global, Founder and Chairman at Slayton Capital, President of The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation.

Testimonial of Miss Tan Wee King

​“One of the silver linings of today’s uncertainty and disruption (accelerated by COVID-19 pandemic) is people have the time to pause and think about their lives, in areas of faith, family, fortune (or lack of), etc. More people are realising the need for better stewardship of what they’ve been blessed with. Derek’s book provides an excellent primer that lends a fresh perspective combining estate planning principles and classic values found in Biblical teachings. It’s never too early to be educated about leaving a legacy that you have truly thought through. Derek’s writing will help you “begin with the end in mind.”

– Tan Wee King, President, Singapore Nurses Christian Fellowship

Testimonial from Dr George So

“This is a rare book that discusses the values behind inheritance. A treasure trove of building a family heritage, with all the elements of wealth inheritance including values, morality and the concept of stewardship. Derek’s professional knowledge and his experiences with different families offer a very effective inheritance plan. His 3S principles is very helpful in preparing a blueprint for inheritance for the next generation. I strongly promote this book to business families and wealth management professionals.”

 – Dr George So, Honorary President of Hong Kong Full Gospel Merchant Fellowship
       Founding Chairman of the Family First (Hong Kong) Association

Testimonial of Belinda Charles

” This is only possible because it has been Derek’s personal and professional journey, continually honing his points from the questions his audience raised.  As a result, the reader will gain a thoughtful look at legacy building while being encouraged all the while to be an active builder of the kind of purposeful life every individual would want to possess.
I would strongly recommend this for family members and professionals in the business of building up people.

    – Belinda Charles, Former Dean, Academy of Principals (Singapore)​ 

    “This is an awesome workshop. Really learn so much from the 2 awesome speakers. This workshop inspires me to add values instead of just valuables into my inheritance for my loved ones.”

    P.C. Pang, Self-employed

    “Excellent workshop promoting values and also control from beyond the graves”

    David Low, Director (Civil Service)

    “I wish I met Derek and Kee earlier. They show me how retirement should be planned together with legacy. I love their 3Cheque approach. Walk out of the consultation more confident of my plans”

    K.E. Liu, Program Director (Stat Board)