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Leave your family heritage, not an inheritance - Seminar

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5th March 2019
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Now with JustCo as Venue Partner

Venue Partner - JustCo
Leave your family heritage, not an inheritance
14th Mar, 5 – 8 pm, JustCo@Marina Square

Why do most people fail to leave a legacy after they pass on? Is legacy planning just about insurance alone? In a society that increasingly focuses on instant gratification and self-entitlement, will your million-dollar inheritance truly be a blessing to your child?

This workshop engages participants with its unique blend of activities, peer sharing, and values-driven approach. Participants who attended with their spouses can also get to know each other’s preferences and values better.

Hosted by our experienced speakers, Mr. Derek Liang and Ms. Kee Siew Poh, participants can discover for themselves at the end of the workshop, The 3 common traps of a simple will

  • Your unique legacy planning mindset
  • “Values” or “Valuables” approach – which way?
  • How to leave your loved ones heritage, not an inheritance

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