Next Generation Legacy Builder


Is your inheritance enriching or ruining your heirs? How do you pass down a lifetime of invaluable experiences, networks, and values to them? How would you want to be remembered by your spouse, children, neighbors, work associates, and friends at your funeral?

Coming up with answers to life’s difficult questions can be overwhelming. Using timeless principles and taking a step-by-step practical approach, Next Generation Legacy Builder makes it possible for anyone to design, build, and have the best chance to leave behind a lasting and treasured legacy. Start building yours today!


We are in a society increasingly celebrating instant success, self-entitlement and consumerism. At the same time, around the world, our families and marriages are fragmenting. The traditional way of passing down wealth to successive generations is a tremendous loss of opportunity. Relationships among family members suffer, while in the workplace and community, there is a loss of common experience and shared values. Without proper planning, our inheritance runs the risk of ruining our heirs, instead of enriching them.

Next Generation Legacy Builder hopes to inspire its ​readers to pass down their wisdom, experience and values to the next generation, hence elevating the subject of legacy and family values to its proper place. Through his research and personal experience, Derek has breathed life into an otherwise technical and difficult subject, making the book an easy read. With short, simple and illuminating concepts, he shows that building a lasting and effective legacy is a rewarding lifestyle any parent, professional, business person and leader can be called into, now. Derek introduces the Time Value of Legacy and 3S principles showing readers that we can be confident of a leading a life of legacy and live a life of significance.


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