Three Gems: A Celebration of Ability


What is a world without sound like?

What life lessons can we learn from a person with low IQ?

Can an imprisoned youth be released from the jail of his heart?      

Three Gems
 tells the tales of three adolescents: a deaf girl, an intellectually disabled boy and a delinquent youth, so like each and every one of us, but in their own ways, rejected by society and mostly forgotten. It portrays the struggles, the dilemmas and hopes carried by each of them and their families, and the roles the respective VWO played in reintegrating them into society. It describes the selfless efforts and experiences of volunteering, and peers deeply into the emotions of the volunteers.

In this true-to-life novella, Derek immerses us into a world that most of us would hardly come close. A part of the real world that we miss when caught up in our academic or corporate pursuit. Where the “rules of the world” breaks down but instead eternal values are lived out.



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